Bulletin Announcments for June 16, 2019


HAPPY FATHERS’ DAY!  On this day set aside in our nation to honor fathers, we in the Church are especially thankful for all the blessings God has given us through the love, care, and example of Christian fathers.  Dads, we thank you and praise God because of you!


HOLY COMMUNION: We are privileges to receive the Sacrament of the Altar this morning. Visitors unfamiliar with the practice of close communion are asked to read the statement on the  inside front cover of the hymnal. In preparation for receiving the Lord’s body and blood a meditation on the words of hymn #624 us suggested. All communicants are reminded to fill out a communion registration card.



ALTAR FLOWERS are placed to the glory of God by Mr. and Mrs. Fred Heintz in loving memory of Donna’s dad, Frank Yerkins.


RETREAT FOR MEN, WOMEN AND FAMILY at Camp Pioneer is being planned for the weekend of AUGUST 23 with the cost a little over $100 per   person. More details will become available. If you are interested in participating in this Tri-Parish event please sign up in the narthex.


PORTAL OF PRAYERS for July—September can be picked up in the narthex in your mailbox.


SPECIAL THANK YOU  to our organist, Dave Forsyth for cleaning the gutters on the lower part of the church.